Tools and Initiatives to promote a Sustainable Blue Economy in the Mediterranean. Side-Event at COP28

Portorož, Slovenia, December 6th 2023 from 1 to 3 PM.

Blue Tourism Initiative’s partners are thrilled to invite you to the side event on Blue Economy. The event will be held during the23rd Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention and its Protocols (COP23), at the Hotel Grand Bernardin – Room Mediteranea – in Portorož (Slovenia) on December 6th, 2023 from 1 to 3 PM

The side event will provide space for exchange and dialogue on the tools and initiatives to promote a sustainable blue economy in the Mediterranean region. It will bring different perspectives to promote a sustainable blue economy in the Mediterranean. Our lead partners, IDDRI, and eco-union, take center stage presenting the project and offering insights into the current state and future evolution of blue tourism, sharing some highlights from our report «Towards Sustainable Blue Tourism: trends, challenges, and policy pathways».
Our regional partner, IUCN, will share insights from their ongoing regional diagnosis for the tourism sector in the Mediterranean region. 

We are delighted to collaborate with PAP/RAC and Plan Bleu/RAC, who will present the opportunities and challenges for Marine Spatial Planning in the Mediterranean marine region. The focus will be on Slovenian MSP, presented by the Slovenian Ministry of Natural Resources and Spatial Planning. In addition, Fispmed will discuss blue economy governance mechanisms, and Marevivo will present awareness-building actions on ecological transition. 

The event will feature an interactive space with speed presentations and roundtable discussions.  It will also count on the special contributions of Mitja Bricelj, Slovenian MAP Focal Point, Slovenian Ministry for Natural Resources and Spatial Planning, and Anne-France Didier, Chairwoman of MCSD, French Ministry of the Sea.

                                      More Information here 

                                                 Agenda here

Project launching at the National Park Mitsamihuli-Ndrude (Comoros)

Comoros Islands, November 28th 2023

After the launch event in the Comoros Islands, our partner CORDIO East Africa was interviewed by the Al-watwan to talk about our Blue Tourism Initiative.

As explained, the diagnostic stage is intended to be participatory and inclusive to understand the challenges and opportunities of blue tourism at the pilot site level.

The main goal is to promote a collaborative approach for blue tourism’s governance improvement toward sustainable development, inclusive and resilient. 

The National Park Mitsamihuli-Ndrude is one of the three BTI pilot sites in the Western Indian Ocean marine region. Within the park framework, the first activities have started with the involvement of the different local actors.

Special thanks to our regional partner CORDIO for representing the Blue Tourism Initiative in Comoros!

BTI at the Sun & Blue Congress

Cabo de Gata, Almería (Spain), November 15th and 16th, 2023 

In the spectacular Cabo de Gata Geopark setting, at the Exhibition and Congress Palace in Almería, our Blue Tourism Initiative’ representative participated in the Sun & Blue Congress.

In this pioneering edition on blue tourism and innovation, Jeremie Fosse (Eco-Union Director) spoke about fair and inclusive governance for the Mediterranean, while Giulia Balestracci (BTI project officer) and Arnau Teixdor (IUCN Regional Manager) spoke about sustainability for responsible and innovative blue tourism, providing key information from “Towards sustainable blue tourism: trends, challenges and policy pathways report” and the different projects IUCN is working on at the Med-regional level.                                 

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Participation at the ENSERES

Tunis, October 18 and 19th, 2023 

Back from Tunis, where we took part in the final event of ENhancing Socio-Ecological RESilience in Mediterranean coastal areas (ENSERES), to discover more about the results of this ENI CBC Med Programme. The ENSERES project capitalizes on existing transferable models and tools to promote the application of integrated governance and management approaches across the Mediterranean region. 

Our regional partner IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation has also presented our Blue Tourism Initiative and future activities. On this occasion, we have further strengthened our partnership with the local representatives of the BTI pilot sites in Lebanon and Tunisia.

We would like to thank the partners of the ENSERES project for inviting us, and congrats for the project’s achievements.

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BTI at Brussels Marine Litter Advocacy Workshop

October 12th, 2023 

This week Sea at Risk – an association of environmental EU organisations, that promotes ambitious policies for marine protection at the European and international levels – hosted our project officer, Giulia Balestracci, at their «Marine Litter Advocacy Workshop» and let her present our Blue Tourism Initiative.

On this occasion, we had the opportunity to learn more about the interesting work that other European NGOs are doing to prevent marine litter and advocate at the EU Parlament for improving marine governance.

Tobago tourism sector gets support for post-COVID Recovery by BTI

Port-of-Spain, October 2nd, 2023   More information here

The Tobago Hotel and Tourism Association has partnered with our regional collaborator, the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI), to secure funding to enhance its members’ online presence and promote sustainable tourism initiatives in the Caribbean region.

The shared aim is to assist tourism stakeholders, starting from local businesses, to maximize their potential, driving growth, attracting investments, and providing employment through blue tourism. The plan is to promote sustainable tourism approaches and business practices by creating an online ecosystem for local operators and other stakeholders.

The one-year project is expected to benefit an estimated 8,000 people, including all members and associate members of the Tobago Hotel and Tourism Association, as well as all stakeholders that supply the tourism sector in Tobago.


                                  More information here

Mediterranean Blue Tourism Consultancy Job Opportunity

Deadline: August 23rd 2023 – More information here

Our partner IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation is looking for a Mediterranean Blue Tourism Consultancy to collaborate with the Blue Tourism Initiative, which aims to improve governance for more sustainable and inclusive development.

The desk study includes a diagnosis of the BT sector to identify and assess:
– the latest trends in Mediterranean maritime & coastal tourism
– how the covid-19 pandemic has affected the sector
– key environmental and socioeconomic challenges
– the specific situation of the three countries where pilot actions are planned (Morocco, Tunisia, and Lebanon).
– potential solutions and innovative approaches
amongst others.

Deadline for applications: 23 August 2023 (extended)

                                  More info here

Flagship report from the workshop "Towards Sustainable Blue Tourism"

July 20th, 2023

The Blue Tourism Initiative  flagship report «Blue Tourism: Trends, Challenges, and Policy Pathways» is now available for download for those who would like a recap on the key outtakes of the online interactive workshop of last June 20th. 

The interventions of key actors of the sectors in the panel discussion and roundtable are summarized with links to the presented sustainable blue tourism initiatives. Also, a brief overview of the discussed opportunities, challenges, and pathways to improve the sustainability of coastal and maritime tourism are included in the document, together with the explanation of the newly published report Towards Sustainable Blue Tourism: Trends, Challenges, and Policy Pathways

We want to extend our gratitude to all participants and contributors who made the workshop a success.
The workshop brought together leading experts in the field of blue tourism to explore current trends and future challenges and opportunities for the sustainability of the sector.

                                  Flagship Report link

Interactive online workshop on "Towards Sustainable Blue Tourism"

June 20th, 2023 at 2.30 – 4 PM CEST – More information here

Registration here

The Blue Tourism Initiative organizes an online interactive workshop that will gather interested stakeholders to present ongoing initiatives in a roundtable, and a panel discussion dedicated to sharing experiences and discussing opportunities, challenges, and pathways to improve the sustainability of coastal and maritime tourism.
The agenda includes, also, the presentation of the new flagship report “Towards Sustainable Blue Tourism: Trends, Challenges, and Policy Pathways”.

This workshop will be held on Zoom on June 20th, 2023 from 2.30 to 4 PM CEST, and it is under invitation as it has a limited number of seats and confirmation will be sent a few days before the event.

                                   Registration form here

                                  Agenda of the Workshop here

Here are the link to the executive summary, and the link to the infographic.

Side Event "Promoting Sustainable Coastal and Maritime Tourism in the Mediterranean"

June 14th, 2023 at 1.30 CEST – More information here

The Blue Tourism Initiative launches «Promoting Sustainable Coastal and Maritime Tourism in the Mediterranean«, a side event at the 20th Meeting of the Mediterranean Commission on Sustainable Development 2023 linked to the Barcelona Convention.

This open event at the Marseille City Hall, on June, 14th at 1.30 PM. Our partners Iddrieco-union, and IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation, with experts from Plan Bleu and UNEP/MAP – SPA/RAC debate community-driven and nature-based tourism models in the Mediterranean region to improve local livelihoods, maintain valuable ecosystem services while benefiting environmental conservation and socio-economic development. 

                                  Agenda of the side event

Towards Sustainable Blue Tourism: Trends, Challenges and Policy Pathways

Published on June 8th, 2023 

The new flagship report «Towards Sustainable Blue Tourism: Trends, Challenges and Policy Pathways» published by the Blue Tourism Initiative reviews the current situation of coastal and maritime tourism and identifies the challenges and opportunities faced by stakeholders today toward the development of a more sustainable blue tourism sector.

The report introduces blue tourism, the main factors characterizing this tourism sub-sector, its governance, and the legal and institutional framework. Moreover, blue tourism’s main market segments are examined, followed by a review of tourism impacts, and the current global issues that affect the sector. Drawing from a review of the key challenges and opportunities for a more sustainable blue tourism economy, policy pathways are recommended to reorient the sector towards a more sustainable and resilient future.

                   Here is the link to the full document.

                   Here is the link to the executive summary.

                   Here is the link to the infographic.


Webinar "Sustainable Management of Poseidonia Beaches" in the Mediterranean

June 13th at 10-11.30 CEST – More information here
Registration here

Our partner IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation, in collaboration withInterreg Euro-MED Natural HeritageBlue Flag International, and Foundation for Environmental Education, organizes a Webinar on «Sustainable Management of Poseidonia Beaches» in the Mediterranean area on June 13th at 10-11.30 CEST.

The webinar is recommended to organizations  interested in marine conservation and sustainable tourism, such as:
•       Municipalities and local government agencies
•       Coastal and marine protected areas
•       Hotels/Resorts and other tourism beach operators
•       DMOs and Tourism Boards
•       Regional governments and agencies
•       Associations, NGOs, and other conservation organizations
•       Research, Academia and educational organizations

                                   More information here

                                    Registration here


Blue Tourism Initiative at OSTELEA, School of management

May 9th, 2023

This week our Blue Tourism Initiative visited Ostelea, Tourism Management School.

Our project officer Giulia Balestracci presented the initiative to the students of the MA in Sustainable Tourism Management Destinations, debating the importance of sustainability in #BlueTourism as a means of enhancing the governance of coastal and marine areas, improving the livelihood of the coastal communities, and mitigating the impacts of climate change. 

New LinkedIn profile for Blue Tourism Initiative

The Blue Tourism Initiative partners are thrilled to launch the new LinkedIn profile for the project.


Follow us here on LinkedIn for any updates and choose the channel you prefer to get in touch to be involved. 


Thursday, April 20th, 2023  
10:00 – 12:00 PM CEST || 11:00 – 1:00 PM EAT

The Blue Tourism Initiative (BTI) & Our Blue Future (OBF) Innovation Teams are collaborating to assess the state of blue tourism in the Western Indian Ocean to boost cooperation in the sustainable blue tourism sector at local, national, regional, and international levels.

This Blue Tourism Webinar is scheduled on April 20th, at 10:00 AM CEST / 11:00 AM Nairobi time and aims to:

  1. introduce Blue Tourism Initiative (BTI) & Our Blue Future (OBF) Innovation Teams;
  2. foster the exchange of expertise and experiences in the Western Indian Ocean;
  3. enhance synergies for collaboration.

The main topics are governance and planning mechanisms, environmental regulations and managementdistribution of benefits, and diversification of tourism, among others.

                                   Registration form here

                                  Agenda of the Webinar here


2nd International Meeting on Knowledge and the Blue Economy

November 30th 2022

Eco-union takes part in the 2nd International Meeting on Knowledge and the Blue Economy for #Innovazul, the meeting point for professionals from the Blue Economy sectors. 

At the Congress Centre of Cadiz, Spain, on November 30th, afternoon session, the director of the eco-union, Jérémie Fosse, debates «Towards blue tourism in the Mediterranean» and presents the #Blue Tourism Initiative.


A Roadmap for a Greener, Inclusive & Resilient Tourism in the Mediterranean

November 2022

The new «State of Play of Tourism.A Roadmap for a Greener, Inclusive & Resilient Tourism in the Mediterranean» report, elaborated by eco-union, following the lead of Jeremie Fosse, is out. It is a key document for the Sustainable Tourism Community (Interreg Euro-Med Programme), and it updates the previous study “Sustainable Tourism in the Mediterranean” (2017).

The four main goals of the essay are the following:

  1. evaluate the state of play of tourism in the Mediterranean, including ecotourism, in the context of post-Covid19.

  2. support decision-makers and local communities towards greener, more inclusive & resilient tourism in the Mediterranean area; 

  3. focus on current challenges, such as the climate crisis and biodiversity loss;

  4. promote sustainable tourism’s “best practices” in the Mediterranean area to foster their adaptation in new contexts and amplify the possible solutions.

Here is the link to the full document.


Sustainable Blue Economy in the Western Mediterranean

LISBOA: Universidade Nova de Lisboa

7 – 8 November 2022

Eco-union is contributing to the dialogue on #BlueEconomy organized by the European Institute of the Mediterranean and the IPRI-NOVA – Instituto Português de Relações Internacionais.

This thematic seminar entitled “Tapping the potential of Sustainable Blue Economy in the Western Mediterranean: Policies and Practices to Accelerate the Sustainable Transformation” is organized in the framework of the MedThink 5+5 network.

During the session, Jeremie Fosse, president of eco-union, presents our Blue Tourism Initiative and discusses the prospects and challenges of accelerating the transition of the blue economy towards more #sustainability while enabling Western #Mediterranean countries to fully tap its potential as a driver of economic development and prosperity.

Programme and details of the seminar can be found here.

Side event. 9th Efe Ministerial conference

NICOSIA: Cyprus Institute, room 5a /fresnel

5 October 2022. 18.15 to 20:25

Tourism and circularity for sustanaible development in the Mediterranean

Eco-union is attending the UNECE Ninth Environment for Europe (EfE) Ministerial Conference held in Nicosia, Cyprus, from 5-7 October 2022. Jérémie Fosse, director of eco-union, will present the State of Play of Tourism in the Mediterranean at the side event on sustainable tourism.

Link to the webpage of the event.

UN Ocean Conference in Lisboa about Blue Tourism


Saturday 30th June 2022 at 18h30

Launch of the Blue Tourism Initiative

Blue Tourism is a long-term research and innovation project focused on the environmental management, governance and planning of coastal and maritime tourism around major Regional Seas. It comprises policies review, as well as multi-stakeholders initiatives to strengthen sustainable blue tourism at local, national, regional and international level.

Jérémie Fosse, president of eco-union, has presented the initiative together with the other partners at the UN Ocean Conference in Lisboa, which is aimed at seeking science-based innovative solutions for global ocean action.

Coastal and marine areas are highly attractive regions for tourists worldwide and coastal and marine tourism has become a major economic sector for countries with accessible and attractive coastlines. Yet, coastal and marine tourism-related sub-sectors and activities imply significant environmental harms.