IDDRI and Eco-Union are the project leaders, coordinating and supervising the different activities and components.


Is an independent think tank based in Paris (France) at the interface of research and decision-making that investigates sustainable development issues requiring global coordination.


Eco-union is an independent Think and Do Tank based in Barcelona (Spain), whose objective is to accelerate the ecological transition of the Euro-Mediterranean region work.

The project is implemented at regional level by three associate partners in each of the target regions.


IUCN Centre for the Mediterranean, established in Malaga (Spain), aims to influence, encourage and support Mediterranean societies to reconcile the conservation of natural resources with their use.


CORDIO East Africa is a nonprofit research organisation based in Kenya and focusing on the sustainable use and management of coastal and marine resources in the Western Indian Ocean.


CANARI (Caribbean Natural Resources Institute) is a non-profit institute headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago, facilitating stakeholder participation in the stewardship of renewable natural resources in the Caribbean.

Supported by

The project is co-financed by Fonds Français Pour L’Environnement Mondial and Our Blue Future


Our Blue Future is a multi-stakeholder initiative for an inclusive and sustainable blue economy in the Western Indian Ocean region. We are a public – private – civil society alliance that fosters a diverse network of impact-oriented partnerships, projects and champions.

Fonds Français Pour L'Environtment Mundial

The French Facility for Global Environment (FFEM) was created by the French Government in 1994 following the first Earth Summit, to implement sustainable development projects that integrate the preservation of global public goods, international solidarity and innovation in developing and emerging countries.

All FFEM-funded projects are reported as Official Development Assistance. For over 25 years, more than 350 projects have already been financed, in over 120 countries, including 69% located in Africa and the Mediterranean.