Mitsamiouli-Ndroudé National Park in Grande Comore (Western Indian Ocean) – Blue Tourism Stakeholders’ Workshop

June 2024

In the framework of the first component of our Blue Tourism Initiative, the experienced tourism consultant Nathalie Maisonneuve is working on assessing the tourism potential for the beautiful Mitsamiouli-Ndroudé National Park in Grande Comore, under the direction of CORDIO East Africa.

During her field mission, Mrs. Maisonneuve explored the area accompanied by the Comoros National Parks Agency, discovering the territory’s undeniable natural and cultural assets, with remarkable natural sites like the salt lake, the dragon’s back, white sand beaches, as well as extraordinary marine resources (a dive allowed us to confirm the presence of the grey reef shark Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos) among many others.

During the participatory workshop with the members of the Co-management Committee, the curator of the Mitsamiouli-Ndroudé Park, and other local stakeholders, they co-constructed a mapping of resources and tourism potential and initiated an action plan for the Mitsamiouli-Ndroudé National Park to (re)become an (eco)tourism destination by 2030. Special attention has been paid to the challenges of preserving resources from plastic waste, erosion, poaching, illegal fishing, and conflicts of use, among other issues.

During the 2nd component, the Blue Tourism Initiative program will enable the launch of a concrete ecotourism project in the marine protected area following the results of this initial study, to improve tourism strategies toward the conservation of natural resources and local economic development.