STATE OF PLAY OF TOURISM IN THE MEDITERRANEAN. A Roadmap for a Greener, Inclusive & Resilient Tourism in the Mediterranean


Authors: Paula Castillo, Jérémie Fosse (Eco-union) and Gloria Lázaro (Plan Bleu UNEP/MAP)

Contributors & Reviewers: Joana Argemí, Alejandro González and Florence Mabille (Eco-union) and Arnaud Terrisse (Plan Bleu UNEP/MAP)

Under the coordination of Gloria Lázaro, Programme officer (Plan Bleu UNEP/MAP)

Editors: François Guerquin, Gloria Lázaro


November 2022

Acknowledgments: This publication has been made possible through the survey available at the end of the document. We would therefore like to thank the stakeholders for contributing to this report. Their contributions were highly appreciated and helpful.