Flagship report from the workshop "Towards Sustainable Blue Tourism"

July 20th, 2023

The Blue Tourism Initiative  flagship report «Blue Tourism: Trends, Challenges, and Policy Pathways» is now available for download for those who would like a recap on the key outtakes of the online interactive workshop of last June 20th. 

The interventions of key actors of the sectors in the panel discussion and roundtable are summarized with links to the presented sustainable blue tourism initiatives. Also, a brief overview of the discussed opportunities, challenges, and pathways to improve the sustainability of coastal and maritime tourism are included in the document, together with the explanation of the newly published report Towards Sustainable Blue Tourism: Trends, Challenges, and Policy Pathways

We want to extend our gratitude to all participants and contributors who made the workshop a success.
The workshop brought together leading experts in the field of blue tourism to explore current trends and future challenges and opportunities for the sustainability of the sector.

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