Blue Tourism Initiative. Towards sustainable coastal and maritime tourism around marine regions.

Year: September 2022
Core partners: Iddri and Eco Union
Associate partners: IUCN Centre for the Mediterranean
CANARI (Caribbean Natural Resources Institute)
CORDIO East Africa

This initiative promotes a holistic vision of maritime and coastal management in line with worldwide efforts to deliver the 2030 Agenda around marine regions. It supports exchanges of knowledge, good practices, projects, and experiences between three major marine regions sharing similar social and environmental challenges related to coastal and maritime tourism: the Mediterranean, the Western Indian Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea.
This initiative aims to improve the governance of blue tourism to ensure sustainable, inclusive, and resilient development, and address the associated health, environmental, and socio-economic challenges.

The initiative has three main components based on a bottom-up approach through fieldwork at local pilot sites, which are then integrated into global and regional sustainability strategies.
1. Diagnosis and State of Play
2. Field Deployment in the pilot sites
3. Knowledge sharing, Outreach and awareness raising.